Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An interview with Ken Fandell

Just a brief update to mention this cool little interview with my friend and running mate Ken Fandell. I admire his ability to have a pretty extensive life outside of running as you can see from this interview.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have ambitions to do some lengthy writing about the time I've spent in Mammoth, but I haven't made the time lately. But, I really want to have a few things recorded here since I do treat it as a diary (of my running). So without further ado here are some bullets and pictures of things since I last wrote.

* The Chart House 5k and 10k took place two weeks ago today in Mammoth Lakes (follow the link for results). Its California's highest road race. Ashley won first overall in the women's 5k. I ran 36 minutes and change in the 10k (not great, but not too bad for 8,000 ft) and finished in 13th. Most of the runners who beat me run for Princeton University's XC team. I did manage to beat a few of them and enjoyed visiting with them during my cooldown. Here's a picture of us relaxing after the cooldown.

* Ashley came to visit and we house sat for a few friends of mine. We had a blast. Lots hikes and hanging out.

* This marked the end of my first week of my California International Marathon training phase. I hit 94 miles running mostly easy runs. Hoping to have my best training phase ever, we'll see.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Story with Claudia and The Bay Bay

The Story

I've written occasioanlly over the last year about my friend Claudia (the only girl in the P-team photo) and her running success. Today, on NPR and American Public Media's The Story she is featured in a nice interview about the recession and its effect on her running. You can listen to the interview here.

The Bay

I've been meaning to write for quite some time about my last race. I visited the Bay Area to see a friend and hang out, and while I was there I took advantage of being at sea level for a few runs.

I ran a 10kish (I don't think the course was accurate) in 35 minutes and change. I won first place overall, making me 2 for 2 in my 10k races this year. I was hoping to be in the low 34 minute range, but it was extremely hot, I was running alone, and the course was crazy and there is no way it was accurate. I could give a lot more detail, but those close to me have heard me complain enough already. On the plus side, I did meet a few really cool runners. One runs track and XC for Boston College and the other was in the Olympic Marathon Trials with Claudia last year.

The day after the race I worked in a beautiful long run (map of route is pictured) in northwest San Francisco. I ran across the Golden Gate, through Golden Gate park, along the Pacific Ocean and alongside the bay. The hills were plentiful and steep, but still felt like nothing since I was at sea level. Would have been nice to have a friend along for the run, but still a very nice experience. I love the bay area and I want to visit as often as I can.