Thursday, June 25, 2009

MC200, Wilma Rudolph 10k

Electric Boogaloo Wins Again!

You can read about our exciting race on Robert's blog here. For the record here are the mile splits for my 3 legs.

Leg 1 (7:37 PM) - 3.55 miles in 19:23 (5:31 pace)
2:42 (5:15 pace)

Leg 2 (2:29 AM) - 7.53 miles in 43:26 (5:46 pace)
2:57 (5:32 pace)

Leg 3 (9:08 AM) - 8.52 miles in 49:39 (5:49 pace)
2:57 (5:37 pace)

Here is Woods handing off to me for my first leg.

A Victory at the Wilma Rudolph 10k

I claimed my first 10k road win last Saturday morning in Clarksville, TN. The race started at 7am with a temperature of 93 degrees and extremely high humidity (as you can see form the sweat in the following photos). My finishing time (36 and change) was not a PR, but I think it was my best performance to date in a 10k considering the conditions.

I didn't know what to expect in terms of competition. Only 120 people toed the starting line. As the gun went off about 6 people went out ahead of me. I tried to run my own race, but I wondered about those in front of me. They didn't look legit, but its not about looks. By the time I hit the first mile (5:25) it was a two man race. One runner (this guy)stayed right on my hip, speeding up and slowing down just as I did things to try and shake him. I was pretty convinced that he would stick with me for a while and then kick me in the last mile.

But, as I settled into my third mile I heard his breathing change (during our first long stretch in the sun that had no shade) and I tried to pick it up. The course was up and down so my mile splits don't reflect my effort, but as I felt him struggling I surged to make a gap. Once I got some space I never looked back. I could not hear him and after a half mile or so the course had a 90 degree turn and I was able to peek back. I had 150m at least.

I cruised for the last mile and finished with a 50 second gap on 2nd place. I can't find an online link for results at the moment. I'll add that once they are posted again (they were taken down for some reason).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Electric Boogaloo Returns

MC200 '09 This Friday and Saturday

Its been a while since I've had time to write on here. A lot is going on, and I haven't felt as though I've had much related to running to write about. I'm busy focusing on short, fast speed workouts three times a week and putting in about 65 miles a week. I'll be returning to longer distances in a month or so.

However, I do have some excitement to write about. I'm flying to Chicago tomorrow for the MC200. I'll be running the 8th, 20th, and 32nd legs (total of just under 20 miles) of the 200 mile relay for defending champions, Electric Boogaloo. I'll be sure to write a full report and include a lot of photos when I get back. We're feeling confident that we'll be even faster than last year.

You can follow us with live reporting from our Twitter page. No need to be a twitter member, as I'm not, but you can still follow our progress. We will begin on Friday afternoon in Madison, WI and finish in Chicago on Saturday morning.

Electric Boogaloo Calendar available Now!

Its that time of year when everyone is sick of the calendar they got for the New Year. Don't fret, you can buy our team calendar for only $20 (free shipping) and it starts with the month of June. It features the team members posing in exotic locations all over the world. Let me know if you are interested, as quantities are limited. A portion of the proceeds are going to support Special Olympics.

I'm Mr. January and you can see a small version of my month in the picture taken at right during our publicity tour in New York City. Photo with Emily Sekine outside of Hotel Chelsea.

Running at 3am in Central Park

I had a special run the other morning. My title is a little misleading, as it was 3am Mammoth time, 6 local. I ran from my hotel down in Chelsea through Times Square and up and around Central Park with Andrew and Jon, a coach at Columbia. This isn't so special, but it really stood out as a strange run. I was operating on only a few hours of sleep, as Ashley and I had been had a wedding (Ashley and I pictured at wedding) the night before. Its strange to run with friends from home when both are so far away.

So, I have no great story about it, other than it was one of those odd runs that really added a lot of variety to my life. A sick part of me loves getting up super early for some punishment.