Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Footloose Freedom Mile

On July 4th, the High Sierra Striders held their annual one mile road race. Results can be found here.

I was very nervous going into the race as I had very little experience racing a mile distance, especially not on the road. Several friends of mine, as well as professional runners participated. Highlights included:

Racing with my friend Ben (pictured with me after the race) who ran a 4:43 in the midst of training for a olympic triathlon that occurred a few days ago.

Several elite runners and olympians made up the field. This included Josh Cox, Mike McKeeman, Dan Browne and Ryan Hall who edged Ben and I while dragging his miniature siberian husky along the course (pictured above).

Josh Cox for the win.

Here I am crossing the line in 4:50 in 7th.

I was bummed to run a 4:50 as I was hoping to be closer to :40, especially considering that Ryan Hall was just ahead of me, but I'm excited to have a road mile under my belt and I think I'll be able to relax a little and have a better result next time. On the plus side, I did edge out my rival from the Bishop racing series this summer, Dan Yarborough.

1. Josh Cox 4:21 (course record)
2. Mike McKeeman 4:22
3. Jameson Mora 4:27
4. Patrick Craven 4:38
5. Ryan Hall 4:41
6. Ben Perez 4:43
7. Dan McDowell 4:50
8. Dan Yarborough 4:55

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RH Wiegand said...

Great work, kid! A dog got in your way, and you still rolled it. Keep it up.