Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Latest Ride, Brother Jay, And oh yeah, Running

The Latest Ride

The weather has been stupendous in Mammoth lately. I've spent my days running, reading, and riding my bike. Here are a few photos from my ride up to Twin Lakes and Lake Mary (frozen).

Brother Jay

This section really doesn't require any explanation. That's my brother circa 1994.

Going Out Too Fast

I'm in the thick of speed training right now. I am doing 3 workouts a week and keeping my easier runs a little shorter than normal. A few days ago I did a 2 mile followed by 4 800s. I battled with Andrew for the first 1 mile and then he left me in the dust shaming me fore going out too fast. On a side note, finishing shortly after me during the workout was Nancy Fiddler, a former olympian, and an incredible athlete. Anyway, as a result I've been watching some great races where runners were smart and didn't go out too fast. This has to be my favorite that I've found so far. Can you send me some more?


Nettie said...

That video was pretty cool. I honestly haven't followed track too closely until recently, but I feel like Wottle's strategy wouldn't work these days. The east Africans seem to use their teamwork pretty well in track races these days, boxing people in and whatnot. Or maybe I just haven't watched enough of these things.

Jason said...

Yeah, but I want to know who recommended to Wottle that he wear that hat.