Saturday, February 14, 2009

Batman, Mr. Wiegand, and Chico Carlsbad


Many of my running friends are headed to Austin, TX this weekend to race there. I'm anxious to hear about their results on Sunday morning. My friend Jason's latest blog entry does a great deal to explain why my running friends are so fun. Check out this excerpt:

My race is on Saturday morning and is supporting the women's soccer team at Texas State. I've always been a huge supporter of their program and I know that my $12.50 will make a difference. So in honor of the women bobcats I am going to sport my Batman costume during the race. Worst case scenario, T-Bud said it best. I wear this ridiculous costume yet still take the race seriously (this is possible) and lose to some 16 year old in training shoes. I agree, that would be pretty embarrassing. Luckily, my costume comes with a mask and my identity will be protected.

And while I know some very fast times are to be turned in, and Jason is helping to pace some folks on Sunday fun will still be had. As evidence I quote his blog again.

Also, to make sure that us northerners fit in with all these Texan cow herders we went out and bought the finest and most authentic western wear we could find. By that, I mean we went to Alcala's. Hats, shirts, shoes and most importantly a good belt buckle. Yes, I fully expect that we will not be welcomed with open arms.

Mr. Wiegand

He is a man that goes by many names. Rabbit, RH, Ashley Boyle's facebook picture boyfriend, Roberto, and abs just to name a few. Robert Wiegand is someone I've mentioned here numerous times, a friend and teammate I've finished behind in many races, and now you can read about his training and experiences with running at his new blog, Coursing. We'll be facing each other once again in Boston, and that will only feel natural as he's been at my side in my two previous marathons. Pacing me over the last mile in Chicago and keeping on a solid negative-split pace for over 20 miles of NYC.

Chico Carlsbad

My winter/spring race schedule has filled out quite nicely and I can't believe how quickly its all coming up. I'm still focused on the Boston Marathon on April 20th. But, I have a few prep races coming up between now and then that will be quite exciting. Besides the two 10k's that are part of the Sage to Summit Series I've written about, I will also be participating in the world-famous Carlsbad 5000 and the not-so-world-famous 33rd annual Bidwell Classic (aka Chico, CA Half-Marathon).

The Carlsbad 5000 (which is a 5k, a simple fact that our American non-metric minds often don't seem to get) has seen 16 world records set over its history. This is an extremely fast course that will allow me to put in a great speed test just two weeks before the Boston Marathon. Hopefully I'll set a new PR in the distance while I'm at it. I'll be racing with my friend James. Interestingly enough we'll actually be in different heats as the races are divided by age groups. We'll be able to cheer for one another.

The Chico Half falls 6 weeks before Boston and will offer another gauge for me to see where I'm at when at sea-level. This should allow me to spend my last few weeks of training with a great idea of what my goal pace will be in Boston. Running at altitude all the time has caused me to be completely clueless about whether I'm getting faster or slower. And, best of all, Ashley will be joining me to do the race. I'm picking her up in Reno on the way to Chico and then she is spending a few days with me in Mammoth. The trip is sure to make her wish to never return to Chicago.

Tomorrow brings a 2:20 minute run, which should give me some idea of where I'm at. Updates on Austin coming soon!

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Nettie said...

The weather here alone should make her not want to return to Chicago. And as Beyonce so wisely said "If you liked it, then you shoula put a ring on it." ;)