Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mark Dolgin Sub 3 and more

Recently I've spent some time reading about different coaching methods used throughout the years. I first stumbled across Australian coach Percy Cerutty in the great book The Perfect Mile by Neal Bascomb last winter. Cerutty advised athletes to follow a philosophy he called Stotanism. This was a combination Stoic and Spartan principles. I came across a few more things about him today and was tickled to read the sample log of olympic champion Herb Elliot,  one his athletes. I would like to share it with you:

  • 7am - A five mile run before breakfast in any direction our whim took us, followed by a dip in the ocean.
  • 8am - Breakfast of uncooked rolled oats (without milk) sprinkled with wheat germ, walnuts, sultanas, raisins and sliced banana. Perhaps a few potato chips would follow.
  • 9am - Swimming and surfing or outdoor chores like chopping wood, painting and carpentry.
  • Noon - Training and lectures at Portsea Oval, followed by another swim.
  • 2pm - Lunch - Fish and fresh fruit.
  • 3pm - Siesta.
  • 4pm - Weight Lifting
  • 5pm - Ten-mile run along dirt roads ending once more at the beach.
  • 7pm - Tea and a general discussion led by Percy on a wide variety of subjects.
  • 11pm Lights Out

That certainly sounds like an excellent day if one was surrounded with the right people.


The Sage to Summit running store recently updated their website to reflect the recent 10k. I'm certainly glad to have won, but after reading the recap I had to laugh at what a small race it was to win. It gave me a laugh so, here's their recap:

The race was a success! We had record temperatures in the mid 60s, no wind, and blue skies! 27 runners and 2 dogs competed. Dan McDowell and Ceal Kliner were the first place male and female winners.


The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in Phoenix was a success for friend and training partner Mark Dolgin (pictured at dinner with me in Boston last April so that you can make fun of my goofy look). He ran a 2:58:40 to get his first sub-3 hour performance in the books. We got the chance to speak on the phone shortly after the race and his "post-succesful-marathon-glow" was shining through the phone.


ashley said...

look at that hair! I mean, its long, its curly, its brownish and its POURING out of that deep V. jesus christ.

Jason said...

Yeah, you're right ashley, that is hot.